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May 14
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DJ Qualls, a costar of Jared’s on Supernatural, just tweeted this picture of the happy couple:

May 14
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Big thanks to Alix on Tumblr who allowed me to post this picture of herself with Genevieve. Genevieve was at a bar with Jared while watching Jason Manns play, just after Jared finished attending Asylum 12, held in Birmingham, England.


May 14
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Hey guys, just a little post to say that I’ve updated some of the images in the gallery. I’ve replaced previously LQ images with more HQ ones, and also added a few new images to the following albums. Hope you enjoy the update, and don’t forget to follow us on our Tumblr and Twitter!

May 14
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I’m happy to say that Genevieve Daily is finally open! I’ve been working hard to open a site ever since the other, and original, was taken from me by force. This time we are back bigger and better! I would like to ask that everyone would be kind to pass on the message that Genevieve Padalecki@ Fanfusion will not be updated anymore. It’s not possible as I do not have the means to log in.

Anyway, Genevieve Daily will now be the main source, and the other site will remain online until FF decides to remove it.

I would like to thank those who created the designs for the main site and also the gallery. Also I would love if you could please donate some icons to the icon archive. Just drop me an email at genevievedaily@outlook.com or else submit some via submit or my personal tumblr.

Our gallery still needs to update with screencaps which I hope to do so over the coming months. As well as that, I have updated previous low quality events with HQ images, so be sure to check them out.

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When a young punk rock band starts out in the underground music scene, the only thing they have is each other. But when a childhood friend - with complicated connections to the group - leverages her P.R. skills to get them noticed, they suddenly find themselves on the verge of making it big. The only question is how far they're willing to go in the pursuit of fame and fortune, and who they're willing to leave behind to get there. HATED explores the dark, smoke-filled corners where human nature and the contemporary music industry meet.

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